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Sleeping Solutions


Sleeping solutions include CPAP, Oral Appliances, and Orthodontic Treatment.  Dr. Kerby will recommend either orthodontic treatment through a thorough evaluation process or be referred to an orthodontist depending on severity of treatment needs.

Oral appliances are fitted directly with Dr. Kerby at Kerby Family Dental in our West Des Moines dental office.  Some of the appliances include:

The SomnoDent® MAS / Flex:

Made from our unique SMH BFlex material and acrylic, the Flex provides superior retention and comfort.

SMH BFlex is a soft polymer that is heat-cured, packed and pressed utilizing an exclusive chemical formula that facilitates soft to hard polymer bonding at the layers interface. The result is a fit that is unmatched and unlike anything seen before in a resilient material, securely anchoring splints with a snug fit – even on short teeth with little undercut. With an expected life of 3-5 years, it comes with a three year warranty against manufacturing defects and breakage and is suitable for all dentitions. SMH BFlex does not discolor or attract odors. Patients and dentists may prefer this model, particularly where crown and bridge work is present.

The SomnoDent® MAS Edentulous:

Designed for patients with no upper teeth and made from either acrylic or flex.

An edentulous upper splint covers the palate in the same way as a full upper denture secured by suction and made to oppose a lower splint. Due to the unique two piece coupling mechanism there is no downward pull on the upper splint. This advantage allows edentulous patients to enjoy the benefits of a SomnoDent® MAS. Please note, as a recommended minimum pre-requisite, the patient should have six lower teeth (3-3) in the mandible.

The SomnoDent® MAS Acrylic:

Made from the highest quality acrylic that will not discolor, the MAS acrylic has been specifically designed to offer solidity, comfort and quality. With an expected life of 3-5 years, it comes with a one year warranty against manufacturing defects and breakage. It is held in position by ball clasps and is designed for patients seeking durability and value for money.

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Dr. Kerby has helped me get my life back. I'm now able to get through the day without being constantly tired and void of energy. It's the first time in years that I look forward to getting a good night's sleep!
Jessica Miller
I am now able to go to work and be productive. Before working with Dr. Kerby, it was hard to get my work done throughout the day because I was so tired. I had my issue diagnosed by Dr. Kerby and we found the right solution.
Mike Carey


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